Why I hate the word "motivation"

Recently I have been asked about the way I motivate people on the teams I lead. The short answer is: I don't. In fact, this question makes me shiver. Let's »

Three ways to deal with change in client's business

If you are a consultant, freelancer or a small business, chances are, you have a working relationship with people in organizations that pay your invoices. After a couple of years »

What it will take to be relevant in the next 5 years?

I wanted to share my personal thoughts on what I think I should master in the next five years and what it will take to be relevant in today's fast »

What is Ecto?

Recently I have been playing with Ecto database abstraction framework. It is something similar to ORM (Object relational mapper) but the fact that there are no objects in Elixir makes »

How to create RSS feed in Phoenix

At http://elixirstream.com we implemented RSS feed with Phoenix. I wanted to share our experience and what it takes to build something like that and how easy it is »